You’ve landing on the extra credit landing page. Here is where you’ll read about the extra curricular projects we participate in. They all began once I discovered the high costs of investing in my 403(b) plan!!! I wish I was kidding.

I was furious when I learned what really goes on behind the scenes, from vendor selection to salesman parading on school grounds to excessive and unnecessary fees, costs and expenses. I was determined to find a solution to our 403(b) problem, advocate for teachers everywhere, provide information to them so they could feel confident making informed decisions, and catch up for lost dollars. I examined every other area of our home economic system. Then I methodically and strategically reduced costs while increasing returns. My lousy 403(b) plan was arguably the best thing that happened to our quest for financial independence!!

Hosting on Airbnb – a short-term rental platform, and real estate investing too. Read more about it here.

Traveling around the world staying in select homes while house- and pet-sitting. Read more about it here.

Advocating for teachers who have often wondered about the 403(b) plans they have available, showing them how to get the best plans and educating them to make the best decisions regarding them. Ask me about this. I love to help out other teachers. Really, I do.