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Everyone has a reason or an experience that motivates, encourages or causes them to take action. For us, it was a family visit when we were told, affectionately, “Your kids can stay with us but you and Frank can stay at a hotel. That’s okay, right?” Mother’s know best!

Truth be told, that came after we turned to investing in real estate in general due to discovering how lousy and egregious my 403(b) plan really was. I took a “this is BS” approach and set out on the research project of my lifetime and dove into the world of real estate investing. I wasn’t going to sit by while figuring out how to correct the inherent problems of my 403(b) plan options. Trust me, it was easier for me to act on my findings on real estate investing than getting the appropriate school workplace personnel to act on reforming our 403(b) vendor lineup.

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