Have you ever questioned why we set a traditional age for retirement? Learn why Earlier Retirement is a thing and why we never considered it before!

Early retirement is something that sounds like a pipe dream for some, along the lines of winning the lottery. But walking among us are people who are setting out to live purposefully in order to become independent of a job.

Quite simply, the word retire means:

  1. to withdraw from one’s position or occupation; conclude one’s working or professional career.
  2. leave one’s job and cease to work, typically upon reaching the normal age for leaving employment.

The reason why early or earlier retirement is something we might not have considered before is simply that it is not the way we live.

It’s not mainstream America.

We are conditioned to work until we reach a milestone, after serving a certain number of years, or a predetermined age – often the age of collecting  Social Security – or soon thereafter. We have this idea of spending most if not all of our income right up until we passively hit this milestone, then, magically, we retire and everything works out. The pension, social security or our savings will sustain us throughout our golden years.

That’s it. Retire early? Why would I? Nobody does that.

Here’s how you can see the HOW of Earlier Retirement, with the simple savings calculator.