My 6th grade students are using Bachenomics* for hands-on learning about spending, saving and tracking money. They started off using (old-fashioned) paper and pencils to compute the withdrawals, deposits, and track their balances. Since they have mastered the logic behind the math, we are transitioning to Google Spreadsheets.

Today was that day. They dove in heads-first. A short YouTube tutorial was all they were given before setting up their first tracking Spreadsheet. They didn’t know they were being asked to think critically but indeed, they were.

I happen to love using Sheets personally and I’m sure more than a few of them will too. They now have the “language” to track their money, which too many folks don’t.

How do you track your money?

*Bachenomics in my adaption of Vanguard’s free Classroom Economy resource.

Creating a Bank Register with 11 year olds
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